PRINCESS Cristina is refusing to testify in the ongoing Noos corruption trial.

Infanta Cristina (1)
SILENT: Princess won’t testify

The Spanish royal was set to speak at the trial in Mallorca last week but has now confirmed she will remain silent throughout the case.

King Felipe’s sister has instead requested that any questions the prosecution has for her should be submitted in a letter to her defence lawyers.

The Princess is one of 18 defendants charged in a corruption trial, also featuring her husband Iñaki Urdangarin, an Olympic handball medallist turned businessman.

Cristina, 50, faces two counts of tax fraud, carrying a maximum prison sentence of eight years, for allegedly failing to declare taxes on personal expenses paid by a property company she owned with her husband.

Urdangarin testified in court last week, admitting his company had fake workers on its payroll.

He is accused of channelling €6.2 million earned in business contracts to private companies and faces a maximum of 19 years in prison.


    • The questions posed to the Infanta will come from the prosecuting counsel TO her defense lawyer. In other words her lawyer will be her go-between and mouthpiece ( because she is so shy).
      A similar situation exists in English law where a defendant is not obliged to answer questions in court, although the jury/judge is entitled to draw their own conclusions from this reluctance.
      This right exists to prevent tongue-tied/gormless defendants from incriminating themselves when confronted by a professional brief.

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