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Jailed brother-in-law of King Felipe VI to be released from prison two days a week to avoid ‘de-humanisation’

KING Felipe VI of Spain's jailed brother-in-law will be allowed out of prison for two days a week to avoid 'dehumanisation' and 'desocialisation', a...

Spanish king’s brother-in-law jailed for embezzlement

Inaki Urdangarin, the Spanish king's brother-in-law has been jailed after the Supreme Court rejected his appeal. He was sentenced to five years and 10 months...

Princess Cristina fined while husband Inaki Urdangarin sentenced to six years in Noos case

Cristina de Bourbon will pay a €265,088 fine for her role in the Noos scandal

Former Spanish King Juan Carlos I is accused of bribing officials to drop charges against Princess Cristina

Juan Carlos I has failed to respond to allegations that he offered anti-corruption group Manos Limpias €2 million

Infanta Cristina keeping quiet when called as witness in Noos corruption trial

Royal faces tax fraud charges and possible eight-year jail term

Spain’s Princess Cristina loses appeal and will testify this month

The Princess is one of 18 defendants charged in a corruption trial, also featuring her husband Iñaki Urdangarin

Spain’s Princess Cristina to stand trial for tax fraud in January

If found guilty Cristina faces up to four years in prison, while her husband could be put away for as long as 19 years

Disgraced Princess Cristina and her husband sell Barcelona home to top up ‘court account’

Cristina is to face trail for tax fraud, while Urdangarin is charged with money laundering and fraud

Asset block to cover Princess Cristina’s €2.7 million bail fee

Princess Cristina has been demanded to declare a list of assets to be blocked to cover her €2.7 million bail fee

Spain’s Princess Cristina ordered to sell mansion to cover trial costs

The Princess is facing four years in jail for accessory to tax fraud

Spain’s Princess Cristina to stand trial as appeal is rejected

Court spokesperson confirms the way is now clear for a trial

Princess Cristina lodges appeal against tax fraud trial

Trial currently expected towards the end of the year

Towns across Spain rethink streets named after the Infanta Cristina

The royal embezzlement scandal has disillusioned many Spaniards

King Felipe enforces new rules to keep Spanish royals out of the private sector

Infanta Cristina's embezzlement scandal prompts her brother to take charge

Former Noos Institute accountant admits to crimes and names Urdangarin

Further implications of the Infanta Cristina in the case have risen

Judge Castro, on NOOS case: “Everything will be determined today”

Torres' ex-accountant issues last-minute accusation

Spain’s Princess Cristina appeals against charges

The Princess pleads ignorance to her own company's criminal activities.

Spain’s King Juan Carlos abdicates, announces Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

King Juan Carlos abdicates, days after poll reveals 85% of Spanish people believe Royal family is linked to corruption

Princess Cristina to testify in corruption case

She is not appealing against the decision to made last week

Sexist Duke of Palma reveals crude side in leaked emails

Duke of Palma slammed for sexist and crude emails

Princess Cristina to be investigated for tax fraud

King Juan Carlos' daughter could become the first royal-born member of the ruling family to be criminally charged in Spain

Princess Cristina’s involvement in royal fraud case questioned

King Juan Carlos' daughter could be named as suspect

Hispanist updates Juan Carlos book to include recent controversies

Paul Preston's 10-year-old book now describes Spanish king's Botswana hunting trip and 'corrupt' son-in-law
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€8 million bail for King Juan Carlos’ son-in-law

Inaki Urdangarin faces corruption charges with former business partner Diego Torres

Inaki Urdangarin in the dock

The King's son-in-law will appear at Palma Court in Mallorca




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