Princess Cristina
Princess Cristina

THE date for Spain’s most anticipated trial has been set.

In an unprecedented court appearance, Princess Cristina will become the first member of Spain’s royal family in the dock in January.

Charged with tax fraud, King Felipe’s sister is accused of using her royal standing for the benefit of her husband’s company, the Noos Institute.

Her husband, former Olympian Inaki Urdangarin, faces charges for fraud, falsifying documents and embezzlement and his institute is accused of siphoning off  €6m in public funds.


The pair will appear in court in Mallorca on January 11 along with 16 others connected to the Noos Institute.

If found guilty Cristina faces up to four years in prison, while her husband could be put away for as long as 19 years.


  1. Fred,
    you’d never believe it but I today whilst in the garden I saw a technicolour one with viva espana painted on it (I happened to have a pair of powerful binoculars with me) it was on it’s way to Brussels looking for more ‘development money’ to distribute in brown envelopes – I should have been surprised – but was’nt.

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