By Kathryn Richardson

PRINCESS Cristina may be named as a suspect in the multimillion-euro fraud and money-laundering case against her husband.

The decision would add to the embarrassment of the King, Juan Carlos, who is already under pressure to abdicate.

The King’s son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, is accused of conducting fraudulent deals with politicians, while claiming the millions were for his not-for-profit foundation, the Nóos Institute.

It is alleged some of the millions were then laundered through offshore accounts with the help of his business partner, Diego Torres.

Princess Cristina served on the foundation’s board as a board member.

The request to name the princess as a suspect has been turned down before but prosecutors say fresh evidence casts serious doubt on her involvement.

Miguel Bernad, head of the far-right Clean Hands movement, said: “If the princess sits in the dock, the blow to the monarchy’s prestige will be huge.”

Both Urdangarin and Torres deny any wrongdoing.

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