IÑAKI URDANGARIN has brought further embarrassment to the royal family after a series of emails in which he made crude and sexist jokes were leaked.

The disgraced son-in-law of King Juan Carlos was reported by El Mundo to have sent an email which included a pun about Prince Felipe and Letizia’s bedroom activities, and screenshots of prominant female newsreaders at the time, including Letizia, entitled ‘orgasms’.

In another email he forwards a photo montage comparing Jaime de Marichalar, former husband of Princess Elena, to Inspector Clouseau and Inspector Gadget, all of whom have a penchant for trench coats and trilby hats.

A third email to friends says he has taken a job with a Spanish NGO to work with refugees in the Middle East, attaching a photograph of the group he has been assigned to work with – six topless girls with rifles.

The emails were taken from the prince’s computer, which was seized as part of an investigation into allegations he embezzled public funds.


  1. Clearly the MOST sorrow we should have is for the ELEPHANT that was shot dead by King Juan Carlos, as Honorary President of the World Wildlife Foundation. It takes a “great hunter” to hit some slow moving, protected animal
    .. the size of a BARN.

  2. Is the logic thus: if ex-wife’s father shoots an elephant, the world has a right to read my e-mails? Sounds like humpty-dumpty reasoning to me. Or maybe it is: if I embezzle public funds, this entitles said public, and the rest of the world, to read my e-mails? That is a shade less loopy, but still loopy enough.

  3. Logic says “Like good cream, good class always rises to the surface”. And today, anyone even near the Public’s eye, must realize their communications will be intercepted and publicized. The more controversial/public, the more likely.
    Just look at what sells papers in Spain & other countries – if one doesn’t like reality, stick to an innoculous passtime… dominoes, handball, curling, checkers, etc., and others are good.

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