el-algarrobicoIT is always worth looking at something as controversial as the Algarrobico from a different point of view.

Sometimes, another voice can illuminate the situation in new ways; make you rethink your entire conclusion.

Here, we present the views of local Almeria resident Lenox Napier, who argues succinctly that the creation of jobs is more important than protecting mere ‘scrub’.

Well, firstly, calling the stunningly beautiful, untouched desert-like Cabo de Gata ‘scrub’ is like calling Everest an annoying hill.

Secondly, that’s not the point. The point is that sheer greed and corruption allowed an utter monstrosity to be built on protected land.

Completely illegally.

Demolishing it will send out a message that Spain is putting its wild and wonderful environment above the back pockets of the corrupt elite at long last.

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