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TRUE BLESSING: Padre Peter and happy bride
TRUE BLESSING: Padre Peter and happy bride

THE very reverend Dr Peter Miln – or Padre Peter as he is affectionately known on the coast – is no ordinary priest.

The charismatic 72-year-old cleric originally from London officiates over weddings for people of all faiths, or none, across Spain.

From Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela, and even as far away as Florida, Padre Peter has created unforgettable ceremonies for couples for decades.

He has also officiated at many exclusive weddings, such as at the son of Rick Parfitt’s in a ‘stunning’ ceremony in Malaga in 2014.

But he is very discreet about the other big names he has dealt with.

The retired Christian Orthodox priest is known for his bright and witty style, allowing couples to play an active part in planning the ceremony, and has already been booked up to officiate at 57 blessings this year.

Peter who lives with his wife of 49 years in Campanillas near Malaga believes ‘If the Church is going anywhere, we have to meet people on their own ground’.

His amazingly inclusive style means he has married mixed religion couples with his ‘blessings’ rather than legal ceremonies.

“I am very comfortable with celebrating two different traditions within one ceremony – there’s only one God after all,” he explains.

“And equally, I am quite happy if people want no mention of God, the ceremony can still be deeply spiritual and uplifting.”

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