ONLINE shoppers in Spain are lagging behind their international counterparts.

TURN OFF: Spanish shoppers shun online shopping
TURN OFF: Spanish shoppers shun online shopping

Just 19% of Spanish consumers shop online, and they do so on average just once a week.

The figure is way below the 29% average for developed countries, and not a patch on China, where 71% of the population splashes the cash online.

The Spanish are also behind the UK (where 45% shop online), Germany (24%) and Italy (32%). The figures were gathered by Total Retail for a 2016 study involving 32,000 people.


  1. Could this possibly be due to the high rates of bank charges in Spain. It is not generally possible to shop online without a Spanish bank account. Also I think that the Spanish are much more dedicated to supporting their local economy which is a good thing.

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