A SURVEY revealed on Wednesday that 67% of Spaniards want the UK to vote remain in the upcoming referendum.Brexit

The TNS study surveyed five European countries and asked whether or not they wanted the UK to stay in the European Union.

It found that 78% of Germans, 60% of French and 54% of Poles also want Britain to remain.

In the UK, 38% wanted to remain, 34% wanted to leave while 28% remained unsure.

The UK will take to the polls on June 23 in what has been described as the decision of a generation.

With current polls saying its too close to call, the same survey asked those taking part for their predictions.

Every country predicted victory for the ‘In’ campaign, apart from France, where just over half predicted a Brexit.






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  1. Apart from disputing the percentages – who is it that says it is a once only decision by the Brits to stay or leave, or any other country – those are the words of dictatorship – Hitler/Franco/Stalin/Mussolini – are’nt they all dead? ah I know – Juncker the bagman.

  2. Stuart, that is a good point. Who says this referendum has to be a one-off? Admittedly you can’t keep having referenda but if the result is too close to call, we may have to have a re-run at some appointed time in the future. One thing is for sure and that is Juncker needs to do one.

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