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HAPPY: Carmen´s going home

A SPANISH father and his husband have flown their surrogate daughter back to Spain after a 15-month legal battle in Thailand.

Manuel Santos and American Gordon Lake, both 41, won custody of their baby Carmen after the mother refused to hand her over when she realised they were gay.

The mother is alleged to have called the pair human traffickers, leading the same-sex couple to file a defamation suit, the trial of which will begin in May.

They said on Facebook: Today is a big day for our family, we just started the journey for our family to be together after 16 months. Tomorrow we will be with our son Alvaro in our home with our family.”

baby carmen
STAR: Baby Carmen

The family reside in Valencia, but will soon return to Thailand to participate in the upcoming trial.

They said: “It’s been a plot to destroy a LGBT family with lies and tricks. We will come back soon because we won’t stop until they pay for all they have done to us.”

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