Derek Langley
Derek Langley

THE British Chamber of Commerce in Spain (BCCS) has ‘almost unanimously’ voted against Brexit.

A total of 97.4% of Chamber members want the UK to remain part of the EU, while 78% believe the UK economy would be ‘negatively affected’ should Britain vote to Leave.

Speaking at a meeting of around 50 Costa del Sol businessmen and women in Marbella, regional vice-president for Andalucia Derek Langley stressed that the Chamber was ‘categorically against Brexit’.

“BCC members want the UK to say no to Brexit,” Langley said. “Their position is almost unanimous and it is the same position taken by the Chamber.”

He added: “It is a very, very serious issue and will have global ramifications.

“It is our job to defend our members views.”

The BCCS is the only independent British-Hispanic business organisation made up of nearly 300 Spanish and English businesses.  

Alongside Derek Langley, researcher Nick Kounis of private bank ABN AMRO warned that Brexit ‘made absolutely no sense economically’.

Taking data from polls taken across the board, Kounis presented a poll of polls which shows just a 3% voting gap in favour of staying in.

However, he warned that the election turnout would play a large part in the referendum.

“Research shows that older people are more likely to vote to Leave, and older people are statistically more likely to vote,” he said. “The referendum could largely be decided by the number of people who go out and vote.”  

He also said that ‘exit fever’ could sweep Europe if the UK voted to Leave which would likely spark another euro crisis.

Brits are set to go to the polls on June 23.

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