A TEACHER in Spain released a bull into a ring full of static students as part of an experiment. 

The encounter was designed to prove that the animal only attacks humans when it is provoked or attacked itself.

It´s not known where it was filmed in Spain, but the video was uploaded by Spanish blogger Salvador Raya and has been viewed over 14 million times.

A group of around 40 students staggered in three rows stand still as a young bull races around the pen looking for an escape route.

The video shows how the bull reacts to movement and not colour.

It can be seen running through and around the students, purposely not injuring them.

Bullfighting has long been a Spanish tradition, but it is increasingly coming under pressure from animal rights groups, younger generations and international communities.

So far 17 cities and towns have decreased funding for bullfights and bull runs or passed measures condemning or banning them.



  1. Hmm, it kind of proves that bullbaiting depends on aggravating the animal in order to make it “fight”, when all it really wants to do is escape in fear. But one hopes the teacher stood there too, as well as his brave students.

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