himmler 3A SPANISH town has been criticised after it projected the faces of Francisco Franco and Heinrich Himmler onto its castles during a festival.

Guadamur in Castilla-La Mancha said the images were designed to tell the story of the provisional Vichy government’s negotiations for the recuperation of the Guarrazar treasures.

Franco had negotiated for the return of the treasure – Visigothic crowns and gold crosses – with the Marshal Petain during WWII – which is what the projection intended to show.

Residents, however, felt the images honoured the former Spanish dictator and Nazi officer.

The town hall said in a statement: “It was never the intention of the organizers, the documentary maker or collaborators to praise the people… or the actions of their governments,

“The town hall of Guadamur would like to apologize to those who were offended by any of the images shown.”

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    • I Sorry to cause a disillusion to you, but I don´t feel any sympathy to fascism.

      In my opinion, you are obssesed about fascism, but I fear that you are unable to define fascism. In a similar way to Wilhelm Reich,who wrote the interesting book that you had recommended me (thanks!. I´m reading It ), without know exactly what is fascism , and refering mostly to nazism.

      • Please don’t confuse me with Stuart and his literary recommendations Anselmo, a most unfortunate mistake on your part. Neither of us would want that!
        You certainly do have Fascist sympathies though, your posts constantly show that. This latest one, supporting two arch-Fascists and a French Nazi collaborator/traitor illustrates your leanings. Fascism and Nazism, are two sides of the same coin.

  1. Anselmo,
    I cannot believe that you don’t see that ‘National Socialism’ was used by Hitler and his very clever Dr Goebbels to attract all the disaffected Socialists and Communists into his Fascist party, I thought everyone has known this since before WWII.

    • Yes , I agree with you . But ,when I´ll finish the reading of the book, Il hope to make some points about It, and about some erroneus ideas that are very extended with respect to fascism. In a humble way , because i´m not scholar in this subjects. Only a man that wants learn a bit.

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