A BRITISH tourist in Spain slathered himself in suncream and slid head-first across concrete and into a swimming pool.

The stunt left him covered in cuts and bruises as the concrete tore the skin off his belly.

The footage was captured by mum-of-three Kelly Crouch as she looked on wincing from her balcony in Benidorm.

The boy had been edged on by his friends, but crawled out of the pool with his stomach, arms and knees bleeding.

Kelly said: “They had been messing around all day but this was definitely the craziest thing I saw.

“It’s the sort of thing that probably only seems like a good idea after an afternoon of drinking.

“You could see them all whooping and cheering, I couldn’t believe he did it. I saw him around the hotel afterwards and he was covered in cuts and bruises to his legs and arms.

“He tried a couple of short ones but then they rubbed him up with suncream thinking it would help with the friction.

“The ground was solid concrete. Even though they covered it in water, it still must have hurt like hell.”

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