14 Jun, 2016 @ 16:36
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Uproar as Spanish headmaster tells Muslim children not to fast during Ramadan

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kids-237934_960_720A HEADTEACHER in Melilla has advised his Muslim pupils not to fast during Ramadan as it may negatively affect their health.

Alfonso Garcia Zafira, of Juan Caro public primary school, sent an advisory letter to parents warning of the possible health consequences.

These included fainting, migraines and heat stroke during sports activities and games stemming from ‘dehydration or lack of sustenance’.

He recommended parents allow their children to skip the traditional fasting and attached a note from the Islamic studies teacher supporting him.

It read: “Students who have not reached puberty – and all who study here are under 12 – are exempt from fasting under Islamic teaching.”

Some parents from the school, which is majoritively Muslim, were left outraged and described the move as dictatorial.

Leader of Melilla’s Islamic Council Dris Mohamed Amar said: “The school has no place interfering on religious matters.

“It is up to parents and not the school to decide whether they have reached puberty and whether or not they should observe the fast.”




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  1. Well done Snr. Garcia Zafira!

    Children need food and water to maintain their growth, health and mental well-being. Starving and depriving them of water, particularly during a hot summer in Africa is plain cruelty. If such wicked measures were imposed on a child without the excuse of religion, the parents would be swiftly arrested and the child taken into care.

    Let them grow up and then decide whether to follow these bizarre rituals once they are adults.

  2. It was a RECOMMENDATION, not an order, there’s no reason to call it dictatorial move. When I’m driving and see “Please don’t drink (alcohol) while driving”, I’m not getting raged… so why did them? Good job what teacher did, kids health the first.

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