madrid remain
MADRID: Team Remain

EUROPEAN capitals projected the Union Jack onto their monuments and buildings last night in solidarity with the Vote Remain camp.

Poland’s Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw adorned the flag to show support, alongside the Eiffel tower in Paris and Madrid’s Cybele palace.

poland remain
POLAND: Warsaw

Edinburgh Castle,
the Tate Modern and Millienium bridge in London also projected the flag as the remain and leave camps prepared for a frantic final day of campaigning.

German newspaper Der Speigel pleaded for Brits to vote remain last week, with ‘Please don’t go’ plastered on a Union Jack in English and German.

edinburgh remain

The British public go to the polls today in what has been described as the decision of a generation.

paris remain
PARIS: Eiffel tower

Polls suggest it will come down to the wire, while the bookies still believe the Remain camp will come through, although they have reduced the betting odds in recent weeks.

The result will be known at around 5am on Friday morning.



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