Longhorn Restaurant, Benalmadena pueblo
Longhorn Restaurant, Benalmadena pueblo

LOOKING for a meaty treat?

Well steak your money on Longhorn Restaurant in Benalmadena pueblo.

The incredibly popular Sunday and Monday BBQs are legendary.

From 1pm-1Opm on Sunday and from 6.30pm on Monday you can eat as much as you like for €16.50 including a great  range of meats, mixed salad and a baked potato.

With a beefed up kitchen team the restaurant is now open every evening from 6:30pm.

But the dish to get every meat-lover’s juices flowing is the speciality ‘dry-aged’ steaks.

Hung for between 21 and 28 days at 1°C and at 60% humidity, the meat’s flavour subtly deepens due to enzyme activity.

Only cows older than eight and reared exclusively on pasture are used, and the result is a full-flavoured steak big enough for up to three.

Visit www.longhorn-del-sol.com or www.facebook.com/LonghornPueblo

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