7 Jul, 2016 @ 21:01
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“I’m really sorry for the ‘a***holes’ behind Brexit”, says Chvrches singer

CHVRCHES: Singer Lauren Mayberry at Bilbao's BBK festival tonight

CHVRCHES Scottish singer Lauren Mayberry apologised about Brexit to a mixed crowd of Spanish and UK fans at Bilbao’s BBK festival tonight.

CHVRCHES: Singer Lauren Mayberry at Bilbao's BBK festival tonight
CHVRCHES: Singer Lauren Mayberry at Bilbao’s BBK festival tonight. Photograph by Jon Clarke

Labelling the UK full of ‘arseholes’ she slammed Boris Johnson for making life for UK artists in Europe ‘that bit harder’.

‘We are really sorry – we didn’t vote for Brexit – we don’t understand it!’ She told the audience.

‘We’re taking our European tour day by day not sure we’re ever going to be able to return.

‘We’re really sorry there are a lot of a***holes in the UK…’

She dedicated a song for Boris Johnson with the chorus ‘better off dead’.

Other bands at the festival, in its 11th year, include Arcade Fire, New Order and The Pixies….
New Order and The Pixies….

Jon Clarke (Publisher & Editor)

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  1. It is hardly her fault that she feels that the slight majority of the demographic in the UK does not represent her and the way she feels, not just her alone either, plenty of people, many younger people.
    She should have perhaps researched or understood to some degree what she was talking about first, might have been an idea.
    Unfortunately the UK has become, is becoming
    A grey old country,
    with grey old skies,
    run by grey old people,
    with grey old ideas / ideals,
    really quite sad indeed.

  2. Roberto,
    where would Spain be without the hundreds of billions of Euros to bail out your corrupt banks. maybe your too young to have experienced just how backward Spain was until northern Europe plowed billions and billions into the Spanish economy.

    Grey skies means we have lots of water, whilst your country is entering the age of desertification – no water = no life.

    There is far more ideas and innovation in the UK than in Spain, mainly because you are trapped in medieval ways of thinking. You have no world class universities, of course in the time of the fabulous civilisation of Al-Andalus you did have but knuckledragging Christians destroyed them all.

    And of course the two biggest attributes of the Spanish are jealousy and corruption, which you are incapable of shaking off – now that really is sad.

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