SADDLE UP: Riding on the Mangueta
SADDLE UP: Riding on the Mangueta

WE are trotting through sand dunes and eventually onto the beach… a beach that is difficult to beat anywhere in the world.

This is the Mangueta, one of the last completely unspoilt stretches of sand anywhere in Andalucia, in part nudist, in total; stunning.

Leading the way is my daughter, who hasn’t stopped grinning since we walked out of the Mangueta stables, just outside El Palmar.

On a two-hour round trip, led by our charming German guide, the views take in fields full of sunflowers, distant hills and, of course, the shimmering sea.

This is the perfect activity for families looking for something to do on the Costa de la Luz.

Rides are charged by the hour and can be long or short and are ideal for total novices too.

We start the evening stroll in the paddocks of the ancient estate owned by Luis, a charming Spanish gentleman, doing a few loops, before heading out onto sandy tracks and fields all the way to the beach, some 500 metres away.

Aside from seeing your kids beaming for hours (actually days) afterwards, it is a good bit of exercise.

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