COMING TO A SHORE NEAR YOU: Whales in Straits of Gibraltar
COMING TO A SHORE NEAR YOU: Whales in Straits of Gibraltar

SUN-SEEKERS and surfers aren’t the only ones who head to the Costa de la Luz every year.

Sharing the shores are pods of whales which can regularly be seen frolicking in the Straits of Gibraltar.

A number of local companies – such as the best established Turmares Tarifa – take guests on boat trips to see these mammals, with a slant on marine conservation.

The orcas are attracted to the sparkling Mediterranean by the large amount of tasty blue fin tuna, which occasionally brings them into conflict with local fisherman.

“Luckily for us, orcas come here each year to feed,” Andre at Turmares explains.

“On the other hand, that’s not so good for the presence of the Bluefin tuna.”

Tuna half-eaten by orcas
Tuna half-eaten by orcas

Andre adds that despite the ‘killer’ name attributed to the most famous whale they are actually ‘harmless to humans’ although they do feed on 32 different mammal species.

Along with the killers, pilot, sperm and fin whales migrate from the Atlantic, as well as three different types of dolphins – common, striped and bottlenose. All of which can be seen during boat trips, depending on your luck!

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