liberty segurosWITH temperatures soaring and an influx of traffic, drivers need to be careful now more than any other time of year.

Check tyre pressures at least once a month, as well as the car’s radiator level and screen wash.

Driving with flip-flops or shoes with no back is not permitted, and using mobile phones os a definite no no.

Needless to say, seat belts must be worn, and young children need safety harnesses.

Should the unthinkable happen, here are some tips that everyone should remember in the case of an accident:

– Stay calm and wear the reflective vest

– Get to a safe area, turn on your emergency flashers and use the two triangles

– Make sure everyone is okay and call 112, if necessary

– When it is safe, take pictures of the vehicles involved, damage, road signs, etc.

– Get statements and contact information from any witnesses

– Complete the accident report: write down the other driver’s licence number, insurance details, vehicle information and phone number. It has to be signed by both drivers and reported within seven days.

If you need road assistance, call 900 101 369, Liberty Free Phone Number, where you will be attended in your own language.

LIBERTY SEGUROS Car Insurance is tailor-made with you in mind and is perfect for Expats in Spain. It offers total coverage to both the driver and passengers in case of an accident, as well as roadside assistance from kilometre zero. It also includes help with legal defence, bail bonds and even courtesy car as standard. You can select a vehicle repair shop of your choice should you ever need one, and good drivers will be rewarded with no-claims discounts of up to 65%.

For more information call Liberty Seguros on 902 255 258 or visit  

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