san ferminACTIVISTS  from 22 groups collectively representing women’s, children’s and animal rights are calling for an end to the ‘barbaric’ Pamplona bull run.

They have sent a letter to Pamplona Mayor Joseba Asiron asking him to edit out the highlight of the annual San Fermin festivities, when human runners dodge the horns of bulls let loose in the streets while onlookers taunt and prod the animals.

The collective, which includes PETA, Stand Together and Solace Women’s Aid, among others, sees the festival as ‘a senseless amalgamation of violence, all in the name of entertainment’.

In support of its request, the protest  coalition has cited a US study that links animal violence to other anti-social behaviour.

However the study, conducted by Northeastern University in 1997, only considers physical abuse of animals – evidence that supports ending bullfights more than bull runs.

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  1. You trying to say the bulls enjoy being terrified Ed? As far as they are concerned, they are fleeing predators. At the end of the day they are right, when they are being stabbed with spears and then slaughtered with a sword in the neck. All in the name of money-grubbing “fun”. Grow up.

    • ‘Huge’ money maker from vast alcohol consumption of alcohol like many, many so-called traditional fiestas. Only crass business minded would support such unethical spectacles, then justify it as hugely profitable. Wjy not encouage drugs, guns and the sex trade? That’s hugely profitable, too.

  2. Gary – we should all be as educated as you and your anti-barbic ideas. The Spanish are not going to take notice of a few Brit kill-joys and blue-stockings. Go and get upset about something important – child poverty, Spanish arms sales or corrupt politicians. This article is just venting.

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