GIBRALTAR and British expats should have their own MP, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has said.

The party is calling on the Rock to have its own representation in Parliament following June’s Brexit referendum result.

FARRON: Backs expat MP plan
FARRON: Backs expat MP plan

The Lib Dems have also urged the government and the Boundary Commission to create new constituencies for Britons living in the EU.

Farron said: “Britons live, work and trade throughout Europe and the negotiations over Brexit will take years and will be incredibly complex.

“It is vital that Britons in places like Gibraltar have a strong voice in Westminster because it is them who will feel the impact of changes to border controls, business access or trade rules.

“People living and working in Spain and elsewhere will be impacted dramatically.

“They deserve a voice in Parliament and I am urging the Government to work with me to deliver this.”


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