2016-04-24-PHOTO-00000104IT is by far the most exciting way to arrive in Sotogrande.

But you are likely to get wet so don’t bring your gladrags.

One of the best family adventures on the Costa del Sol, you can rent a kayak and paddle the whole way down the Guadiaro river from El Secadero, which is actually in Casares, to the mouth of the river at Sotogrande port.

Taking a couple of hours, you will see a huge range of birds and feel like you are in total wilderness for much of it.

There are even a few rapids to get the heart racing.

Organised by Andalucia Activities, kayaks come in three sizes and can comfortably take three people in the larger ones.

I joined a group descent, with around 100 people in dozens of canoes, arriving early and getting kitted out properly, with a proper safety drill before heading off.

2016-04-24-PHOTO-00000106But you can also get a special day out for groups or individuals organised by Andalucia Activities.

And as well as offering kayaking, the company also offers walking expeditions as well as paddle board lessons and wakeboarding.

• For more information visit www.andaluciaactivities.com

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