THE EU has set substantial emissionscarbon footprint reduction goals and Spain will have to make massive strides to meet them.

Europe aims to reduce its total carbon footprint by 40% from its 1990 levels by 2030. This mark is a much larger drop than that proposed by the UN.

Spain’s acting environmental ministry has announced that, in order to lower emissions enough to meet the goal, the country must treble its efforts.

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  1. The government should consider removing the subsidies and protectionist regulation that supports the established fossil fuel using utilities and instead invest the money in clean green renewables like PV and wind. Battery storage is already here (e.g.Tesla Powerwall) and there is no longer any justification for the government to block green utility islanding as the generating cost is now below natural gas (Masdar – DEWA 2.99¢/kWh).

  2. Correct Boulder. Just one obstacle now, got to prise the fossil-fuel pigs from the trough. Won’t be easy, they have grown used to it. National power is too important to leave to “the market”. Electricity makes the world go round and we need to be able to hold the providers to account. The most sensible way to do that, is to nationalise the industry, then there is only one entity to blame if things become unsatisfactory – the government in power, they can then be changed/sacked, unlike the “competing” utility companies.

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