Catalan_2409385bPUBLIC support for Catalan independence has grown as a result of the UK’s vote for Brexit, according to political experts.

The number of Catalonians wanting independence is now at an all time high of 48%, compared with just 42% wanting to remain part of a united Spain, according to an El Pais survey.

It marks the first time that a vote to split from Spain is in the majority.

Political analysts are now putting the surge in support for Catalan independence down to Brexit.

“Brexit has been the force for the EU to reveal its pragmatic side,” Albert Royo, secretary general of the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalunya said. “Brexit has shown the EU as willing to maintain a relationship with Britain despite its decision to leave.

“That gives Catalan independence campaigners a boost.”

Campaigns for similar EU-exit referendums have also gathered speed in France and Germany following Britain’s vote to leave.  

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  1. It’s time that the influence of the castillian dogs over the Catalans was ended. Countries put together through force never last, Spain,France and the UK are very good examples. The little German States wanted unity for their collective safety – that’s why Germany as a State works so well.

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