catfish-monsterA BRITISH father and son have reeled in a mammoth six-foot long catfish during a fishing trip to Spain.

Trevor Hart, 70, had to wrestle with the creature – which weighs an incredible 14 stone – for 45 minutes before hauling it out of the water with the help of his son Nick.

Nick said: “My dad has been fishing all his life but the biggest fish he caught before this was a 16lb pike. He usually fishes in Chesterfield in the local pond.

“The fish was bigger than my dad. He’s 6ft tall and weighs about 60kg but this fish is 90kg. It was very comical really.

“He was looking at the fish as if he’d won the lottery. It was a dream come true. It was really exhausting and he was knackered for the rest of the day. He needed a big sit down and a beer.”

The Derbyshire lads had got the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander before driving to Mequinenza in Aragona for a four day fishing excursion on the River Ebro with Monster Catfishing Tours.

Nick had caught his own monster catfish the day before, weighing in at 11 stone, but said his dad was thrilled to have beaten him.


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