election-special-1WITH Hilary and Trump going down to the wire, everyone is looking to jump on the US election bandwagon.

In fact La Tasca restaurant in Torre del Mar has launched an electional special menu in the run-in to one of the most hotly contested US elections,

Serving up Trump Tower Burgers for €10 a pop, Torre del mar La Tasca are also offering Scandalous Clinton Burgers with ‘Lies and Fries’ for just €3.

Needless to say it doesn’t take a politics degree to figure out who the owners are backing.


  1. You are obviously not an American! Scandals and corruption is a European “thing” or at least it used to be. If Hillary gets elected she will be among the world’s most corrupt elected officials. Oh yeah, the burger in not included with the 3 euro meal, just lies and fries!

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