weedTHE Guardia Civil has busted a mammoth cannabis farm in the Serrania de Ronda.

Spanish cops uncovered 9,306 plants weighing a total of 122.2kg in the Genal Valley.

The investigation was part of Operation Emerita, which began last July.

Police discovered packaged marijuana ready to hit the streets and 30kg of buds.

Vehicles and mobile phones were also seized.

Seven have since been arrested for involvement in the ring, charged for cultivating and distributing drugs and being involved in a criminal organisation.

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  1. Lets hope Spain continues to follow the USA’s lead on the war on drugs all the way to California, And Alaska. And Colorado. And Conneticut. And Delaware. And Illanois. And Maine. And Massachusetts.And Nevada. And Oregon. And Washington. And on and on and on.

  2. But the legalised drug barons in truly dangerous substances – alcohol and nicotine continue on their lucrative journey to the bank. Also bad reporting here – 9000 + plants would weigh an awful lot more then 122K, were they taking bud weight here?

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