21 Nov, 2016 @ 14:59
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‘Make Spain great again!’: Pro-Franco fascists take to streets in Spain on anniversary of dictator’s death

pro franco e

pro-francoPRO-FRANCO fascists have taken to the streets in Spain to salute the dictator on the 41st anniversary of his death.

Some 200 people gathered in Madrid’s Plaza Oriente yesterday as they raised their right arms and sang the Cara al Sol anthem.

Organised by far-right groups The Spanish Catholic Movement and the Falange, protesters were seen holding placards with phrases like ‘Make Spain Great Again’ – a play on Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

A gay homeless protestor, Lagarder Danciu, was violently assaulted by a group of the fascists who kicked him repeatedly and hit him around the head until police intervened.

Dictator Franco
Dictator Franco

Danciu had held up a sign reading ‘Franco asesino’ – Franco killer – in a counter-protest.

Masses, organised by the Francisco Franco Foundation, were also held across Spain to honour the dictator, while others organised marches.

Laurence Dollimore

Laurence has a BA and MA in International Relations and a Gold Standard diploma in Multi-Media journalism from News Associates in London. He has almost a decade of experience and previously worked as a senior reporter for the Mail Online in London.

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  1. The history of ‘greatness’ in Spain signifies ‘great’ dictatorships, ‘great’ and violent colonial empires, a ‘great’ falangist dictatorship, a ‘great’ corporatist oligarchy, a ‘great’ big’ deficit, and a ‘great’ deal of corruption.
    On the other hand, Spanish history is linked to actual good and ‘great’ people who resist the aforementioned malevolencies. Those good people who resisted and continue to resist anti-democratic, violent currents – at least by sentiment, but without sufficient progress – would not have had to do so if Spain’s historic so-called ‘greatness’ had never happened.
    In either case, – as malignant cause or as benevolent reaction – the present facha movements to ‘Make Spain Great Again’ are cause for the ‘actually great’ people of Spain to resist the bombastic flag-waving cretins and those in power who encourage them.

  2. Considering this took place in the Capital, three and half million in the city and twice that in surrounding areas, two hundred stiff-armed fools isn’t much to worry about.
    It’s probably the same mob who turn up every year in El Valle De Los Caidos and look just as silly there.

  3. the Fuerza Nueva is composed by 200 inbeciles, thats it.
    They dont represent anybody.
    On the other hand you have Farage, and Johnson who are the same sh*te as these falangistas and are running the UK…Mon Dieu

    • Did you traslate with Google? (Imbecil is with B)
      And “Fuerza Nueva” doesn’t exist.
      Anyway, Could be bad want to “make great” your country?
      It’s a pity that more people want to destroy.

  4. The franquists never thaught that Spain were great in his times ,when they spoke of greatness they refered to the imperial times.

    Indeed Spain and Iberoameric are the outcome, the wreck if you prefer, of an inconcluse catholic imperial project of universal range whose intermediate goal was to include China.

  5. I fail to see why these people are wrong. Both Europe and the States are tending towards the right. Who is to blame but those to the left who didn´t accomplished as promised.

    • We’ve already seen where the hard right goes zabaot. Don’t recall the Third Reich leading to a successful society. Just where and when was this failed Left-Wing set-up you complain about?

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