campbell_fergusonOLIVE PRESS columnist Campbell Ferguson from Survey Spain gives his top tips.

• Chose the right location – it’s the principal item that adds value to your property. Its relationship to surrounding land and buildings is vitally important. And remember having golf frontage means the occasional golf ball and front line beach means more damp.

• Protect your assets – the view, access and environment (noise, smells, damp, etc). Choosing your relationship with your neighbours is more difficult!

• Check the financial status of the town hall and could there be a development next door that will harm your home?

• Check the financial status of the community you are in – can they afford to keep the gardens and the community areas in good condition?

• Is the property served by fibre optic cables? – the speed of internet access is more and more important.

• Make sure that the Title AND Catastral descriptions are up-to-date. Valuers are obliged to value according to these so that if the description is smaller than it actually is, the value for the mortgage will be smaller.

• Is the property suitable for tourist rental? Even if you don’t intend to rent, obtain a licence. This will add value.

• Get an energy certificate for the property. A good energy rating means lower local property tax (IBI).

• Increase the security of your property, but not by looking like a prison. It looks better to have strengthened glass and internally lockable shutters than iron bars on the windows.

• Be kind and helpful to Survey Spain’s building surveyor/valuer. They are also impressionable, so have the house clean and tidy.

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