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ANALYSIS: Why property in Spain is retaining its value

OVER 3,000 kilometres separate the ‘tranquillity’ of Spain's costas from the horrors of Ukraine. However, the effects of the war have become the ‘trigger’...

ANALYSIS: Why 2022 should be a good year for Spain’s property market

There is a shortage of supply in all regions, writes surveyor Campbell Ferguson in his 29th market report on Spain

What does article 50 mean for Brits in Spain?

We’ve been through the ‘phoney war’ period of sabre rattling, but now there has been the irrevocable declaration that we are leaving

Hard facts: The lack of systems and rules in Spain’s property game is ridiculous

In most other northern European countries, all sellers of properties have to provide factually correct information packs

Not insuring your property correctly could cost you more than €30,000

To obtain the insurance involves supervision of the foundations and structure by an independent third-party specialist as they are built, and 10-year insurance against failure thereafter

Top 10 tips for the best place to buy in Spain

Olive Press columnist Campbell Ferguson from Survey Spain gives his top tips

Property valuation: a science or an art?

Price, value, worth and why they are three different things

Costa del Sol finance and property experts react to Brexit

With an already plummeting pound and a fragile UK market, many experts backing the Remain campaign are bracing for mass change

June 23 will be remembered for years to come

The EU will be poorer without the UK and will have received a huge blow to its confidence

Property bargain or snare in Spain?

Making valuations and the benefits of buying property from banks

Has the market lost the plot?

Campbell Ferguson asks why people buy plots to build houses on

EXCLUSIVE: Estepona composting plant exposes 10,000 residents to pollution

Controversial composting plant will affect 10,000 people

Triple threat for supply and demand in Spain’s property market

Brexit isn’t the only thing causing concern for those looking for property in Spain

Earthquake left Costa del Sol shaken, not stirred!

Building properly is the best safety measure against earthquakes
property observatory IMG

Another year of growth, but more Arabs and even Americans buying

A new Olive Press Property Observatory has analysed what’s hot in property for 2016. Our panel of experts looked at key issues that continue to affect the market this year, writes Joe Duggan

Man of Property: Campbell Ferguson

Chartered surveyor, environmentalist and new Olive Press columnist Campbell Ferguson reveals how he came to run one of the only Chartered Surveyor companies on the Costa del Sol




Charred body discovered in burning car in Almeria: Police launch probe as identity of victim remains a mystery

A CHARRED body has been found in a burned-out car in Andalucia. The grisly discovery was made in Albox, Almeria, on Friday morning. The...


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