82564238.jpgWHY shouldn’t expats be able to care for the elderly in the UK?

Let’s face it, It’s such a challenging job that many back in Britain quite simply won’t consider it.

And while some here might do it just for the money, as would be the same anywhere, so what?

The point is doing the job well and in a caring way, as the vast majority of expats are more than capable of showing.

And on top of that, the majority of Britons flying back for the work have previous experience in care, receive full background checks and receive intensive training.

It’s time people back in the UK stopped finding excuses to give us expats a kick.

Moving abroad takes serious planning, preparation and thought, not to mention a lot of get up and go.

So what better group of people than expats to look after the elderly?

Perhaps disgruntled Brits at home should vent their anger towards the lack of government investment, as that is what is causing the current crisis, not expats looking after their sick.

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