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AS January is a time for New Year’s resolutions, we believe that one of the most important ones is to pledge to look after our eyes better in 2017.

Here we answer some questions about eye health and what you can do to look after your eyes better this year.

Q. What are the most common causes of avoidable blindness?

A: Cataracts are responsible for almost 50% of all blindness, but thankfully it can be easily treated with surgery.

Glaucoma is one of the worlds’ leading causes of blindness, but it can be easily identified with an eye test and treated with drops if caught early.

Diabetes can produce diabetic retinopathy, which can permanently impair vision if diabetes is not well controlled.

Q: What can I do to stop avoidable blindness?

A: Most importantly, get your eyes tested regularly and ensure your optician is including eye health tests in this examination.

Also, teach children how to care for their eyes, as accidents are responsible for too many cases of blindness in the young.

Q: How can my diet help my eyes?

A: Research has shown that a type of antioxidant known as carotenoids may protect against macular degeneration and revealed that people eating the highest amounts of carotenoids have a 43% lower risk of developing macular degeneration. Studies have also shown that people with higher than average intakes of antioxidants – beta-carotene, lutein and vitamins C and E – also appear to have a reduced risk of developing cataracts.

Q: How can I protect my eyes from the sun?

A: Our eyes can be damaged by UV rays and can lead to various problems including; cataracts, macular degeneration and eyelid skin cancer.

Children under 10 in particular should be protected, and we should all use sunglasses which block 100% of ultraviolet A and B radiation at all times of the year to fully protect your eyes.

Please make it your New Year’s resolution to care for your eyes better and get your eyes tested regularly.

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