A beach in Barbate

THE body of a young boy has washed up on a southern Spanish beach.

He is believed to have been a six-to seven-year-old migrant attempting to reach Europe.

Authorities say the lifeless body was found on Friday in Barbate, in the Cadiz province.

A government spokesperson said: “The hypothesis is that he was a migrant,” before adding that other bodies had washed up further east on the shore just a couple of weeks before.

They are now investigating if there are any links.

It follows the shocking moment Aylan Kurdi’s dead body was photographed on a Turkish beach in September 2015.

The picture of the three year old, who had been fleeing the war in Syria, sent shock waves around the world.

Some 13,426 migrants arrived in Spain last year, with more than 8,000 coming by sea.

Italy and Greece received 181,000 and 177,000 respectively.

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