image013THIEVES have broken into a Santander cash machine in Estepona.

Olive Press readers complained of a loud “explosion” and the noise of security alarms in the Benavista area early this morning.

Local resident Peter Briggs was woken up by the noise, and went down to the bank later on to investigate.

Shocked at the destruction, he told the Olive Press that the thieves seemed to him to have used “a bit too much Jelly”.

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  1. I used this cash point on Friday 27th around 22:45, there were two people already at the cash point as i approached the younger one ran off in one direction and the older one turned to me and and said i could go first. I was a bit suspicious so i looked around the corner to see if he was still hanging around before i used it and he too had disappeared in the opposite direction. I think i disturbed them checking out the cash point for what was to come. I sat in my car opposite for about 10 mins with the intention of photographing them if they returned, unfortunately they did not.

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