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Spanish government unwilling to condemn Donald Trump travel ban on Muslims

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DISCRETION: Madrid fails to condemn Trump Muslim ban

THE Spanish government has refused to condemn Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.

A PP spokesperson said it wanted to avoid ‘shouting and being too strident’ in its relations with the new US president.

DISCRETION: Madrid fails to condemn Trump Muslim ban
DISCRETION: Madrid fails to condemn Trump Muslim ban

France has called for a ‘firm response’ to Trump’s controversial restrictions, with Germany stating the terrorist threat doesn’t justify putting Muslims ‘under general suspicion’.

But Spanish spokesperson Íñigo Méndez de Vigo said he wanted to be ‘more discreet’ and ‘talk clearly and frankly’ with the new US administration.

Joe Duggan (Reporter)

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  1. First off, its not a muslim ban. Hes banned temporairily travel from 7 of the 20 muslim countries. So stuff your infalmatory headlines.
    Also Obama did the same and then proceeded to bomb have those countries. So hypocrits much?

    As for all those Remoaners and Antitrump stooges – read some facts.

  2. It was part of his manifesto together with building a wall between USA and Mexico and the people voted for him to became President. Besides, what right do other country’s condemn his action, nothing to do with them and one could right a book regarding other country’s actions. Terrorism have done lots of damage to the USA not forgetting Lockerbia One should take note and read the long list of various terrorist acts against the USA. Well done D.Trump for protecting the American people and does one really think that Trump is concerned what other country’s think.

  3. Bigjon,
    the ban IS DIRECTED against muslims, as Trump excluded christians from the ban. This marks also a violation of the US constitution. No terrorists so far, that hit the US, came from one of the seven states. Instead they had been US citizens or came from Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states or Egypt. But those countries had not been banned due to the fact that Mr. Trump is privatly invested in these countries.
    Since 2001 about 120 people have been killed in the US by terrorists with Muslim extremist background. In the same time about 300,000 US citizens have been killed by gunmen without Muslim background.
    Since 1775 less American people have been killed by a war (1.4 million) than had been killed between 1968 and 2016 by civil firearms (1.5 million).
    Therefor the new presidential order is evidence of hysteria. The new slogan should say: ‘Make hysteria great again’.
    The protest of 900 US diplomats against Trumps order shows that many foreign policy professionals understand how deeply the reputation of the US is damaged by the presidential order.

    • Wolfgang, lets cut the chase, what seems to be your problem, do you live in the states or have you ever lived in the states. Every country has murdered people caused by their own nationals so your argument regarding that point is meaningless. But Trump had stated that Muslims from the country’s named will be banned and possibly more to follow, whereas many other Muslim country’s have not been banned. Can’t see what’s wrong with that, but what you should be more concerned about are country’s that not only ban Christianity permanently but are put to death if you are a christian. Beside’s Wolf, Trump doesn’t give two monkey’s what you or other country’s think or believe, his main concern, which was part of his manifesto is the protection of America and it’s people against the possibility of terrorist attacks which other country’s should have done and if so we would not have been reading of the situations that had occurred in Europe regarding terrorists attacks. Perhaps you should put you post to the people in Germany or France to see if the agree to your comments and if they are happy with their open door policy. I know Britain is not happy with Blair’s position on this subject. Well done D.Trump, keep it up. BTW Wolf, Britain was the first to introduce concentration camps, wonder why?.

  4. The list of banned countries was drawn up by the Obama administration. Obama also had a 6 month ban on Iraq coming to the USA, he’s been bombing Syria for 8 years. Nobody batted and eyelid when Obama did that, why all the hysteria from the ‘regressive’ liberal trash that are protesting Trump now? Also, all those women rights marchers, where where they when Bill Clinton was having it off with Monika Lewinsky? Silent. Where are all those women’s rights marchers when Muslim women are being beaten to death for looking at another man? Silent.
    Trump and Farage will sort out the mess that we are in. The Globalists and Bankers who own the media have brainwashed these liberal regressive plankton, but thankfully, people are seeing through the lies, and that is why Trump and Farage are succeeding.

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