Julian Munoz

A BENT ex-mayor has been sentenced to seven years of house arrest.

Former Marbella head Julian Munoz was convicted for fraudulently helping to subvert 6.7m of public funds by a Malaga judge, who believes he is too ill to serve his term in prison.

Munoz, who suffers from a chronic heart condition, will be monitored by cameras but will have to attend the prison for regular interviews.

The news has come as a reprieve for Munoz, 68, who had been locked up in the Algeciras Penitentiary since 2013 for his part in the huge Malaya fraud scandal while he was both a councillor and mayor.

The latest case, dubbed Pinillo, surrounded the illegitimate parcelling off of farmland for property development.

Juan Antonio Roca, a former Marbella council planning officer also involved in the Malaya fraud, was condemned to eight years in prison for his part in Pinillo, some of which he will serve concurrently with other sentences.

Both have also been ordered to pay 260,000 in compensation.

Seven other councillors also received sentences in the court case, while a further seven were acquitted.

Both Munoz and Roca are involved in other ongoing cases.

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