spain-646227_640MUCH like its economy, Spain’s property market is on the up, and it has become the best time to buy in years.

But before approaching lenders or banks to finance your Spanish dream, read Finance Bureau’s Tancrede de Pola’s top ten must-do’s.

1) Hire a broker 

Much better deals are to be had with someone who knows the business inside out fighting your corner.

2) Keep a low profile 

Don’t apply for new credit around the time you are trying to get a mortgage, you may be considered a greater credit risk if you do.

3) Have your finances in order 

When applying for a mortgage it is imperative that you can clearly demonstrate that you have the funds (typically 30% + closing costs) available for completion.

4) Be prepared 

Make sure you have all the relevant documents you need, bank statements, NIE, proofs of income, credit report, the works, the Spanish love their documents.

5) Look the part 

Start running your bank account as if you already have a mortgage at least three months before you apply – Avoid excessive spending, cut out subscriptions and memberships that aren’t essential and don’t splash the cash on betting or gambling.

6) Lawyer up 

You need a good team behind you to avoid being cheated, this includes a good estate agent and a lawyer.

7) Reputation 

Try to improve your credit score before applying, one tip: put all expenditures on a credit card and pay it off in full each month, ensure you are on the electoral roll.

8) Best product

Have in mind the type of mortgage you want. Your broker will advise as to the most suitable, given your circumstances.

9) Know your limits 

Determine how long you want your mortgage term to be. You will pay less each month the longer it is, but bear in mind you will be paying more interest.

10) Be ready 

Get a copy of your credit report to make sure it is correct and correct any errors, and to make sure you are not unpleasantly surprised if it’s bad news.


  1. Anyone buying a property in Spain should be aware that they will be in a system that will systematically bleed them of thousands and thousands of euros. We just sold our townhouse in Calahonda at a loss and the taxes we paid were outrageous. I doubt we will see the 3% retention that the Spanish tax office stole from us. Strong advice is DONT BUY IN SPAIN. Go there on holiday and buy their cheap beer and wine and rent a nice beachside villa.

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