20 Feb, 2017 @ 16:00
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More than 160,000 protest in Barcelona to demand Spain takes in more refugees

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barcrefsProtesters demand Spain takes in more refugees as 160,000 march in Barcelona

TENS of thousands of demonstrators have marched in Barcelona to demand that Spain welcomes more refugees. 

Spain has so far taken in just 1,100 of the 17,300 refugees it promised to accept.

Protesters carried signs with slogans such as ‘refugees welcome’ and ‘no more excuses! Let them in now!’

Barcelona police said that 160,000 people were at the march, while organisers insist that up to 300,000 took part.

In September 2015 Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy promised to accept 17,337 refugees from camps within two years: 15,888 from Italy and Greece and 1,449 from Turkey and Libya.

Nearly nine months later, just 1,100 have arrived.

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau supported the march, calling on residents to ‘fill the streets’.

Elsa Maishman (Reporter)

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    • Perhaps Catalans have integrity, but also much self-interest. They want independence. As a rule of thumb, anything required by the Spanish Nation, they will go against, or at minimum, frustrate. This the inevitable outcome, of excessive attention to minorities, throughout Europe.

    • I would like to see if there was a time frame on that agreement and for how long.. Spain is protecting itself foremost and that is an important aspect to a sustainable immigration policy, how else will you make sure people entering your country will learn to respect and adopt the very values that allowed them to enter in the first place? Humans are not robots and therefore it is only natural that if large groups of people with the same background and culture/religion enters a new territory keep to themselves in support for each other.. It is not easy to start a new life, but it have to happen if you want to stay. That requires certain level of compulsory participation such as learning the language, basic regulations and norms and I suggest a very strict agreement to not commit any crime (by you or your children) for life with the immediate effect of being deported.

  1. The thing is Ada Colau, Puigdemont, etc need more immigrants to support the movimiento separata, since the number of catalanes separatas are declining enormously.

    Anyway, It is a bon geste to support immigration of refugees, I totally agree.
    Maybe Theresa the unelected, Boris the clown and Nigel the genetic error, should learn from this.

  2. Are they NUTS? There already are many thousands of `sleepers` in the West, willing to carry out sabotage and terrorism. Create safe territories or `safe zones` in their own part of the world where their own languages and customs prevail.

  3. Be careful what you ask for! None of these refugee seekers are bringing jobs, money, or health care. A lot of them are military age males which presents questionable intent. This will become a huge burden on a country that already experiences high unemployment. Who will pay for this, the US, Russia. I don’t think so.

  4. All these human rights activist are often very delusional to what is reality and with very little knowledge to how the human race works. To understand immigration you need only to look at history to see that immigration change societies around the world more than anything if not done in a correct manor.. Look at Sweden right now, that country has totally failed its own people and the immigrants seeking a better life by simply focusing on “helping everyone no matter what”. Opening the doors allowing uncontrolled flood of people with very different backgrounds and values into the country and with no requirements what so ever. They are simply victimised and protected from any demands that would naturally help the integration. A spineless government only playing in tune with what is politically correct fighting over who gets the power to lead Total disconnect with reality and the people, leading to an increase in very violent events such as rape, murder and riots with cars on fire and stones thrown at fire fighters and police.. The very thing these refugees allegedly fled from has now been their way of living in Sweden and there is nothing you can do about it without being condemned racist.. Ignorance is the most dangerous threat to all..

    • Immigrants and refugees are completely different creatures. We are either signed up to The Common European Asylum System or we are not. Fact is, we are, which means we have a legal obligation to admit asylum seekers, vet them and if genuine, look after them. If not genuine, repatriate them. The demonstrators in Barcelona, are simply demanding that promises made by their politicians to refugees are kept. What is so unreasonable about that?
      Your tirade concerning Sweden Lex, is straight from the Donald Trump lie dossier.

  5. Do the Spanish not remember their history! They were overun before and it took centuries to get them out. This is a second wave invasion by stealth. Sharia Law will follow, it is already starting in the UK! Everybody is so afraid of being PC that they feel they have to accept anything that they are told. How is it that Saudi Arabia has the facilities to house thousands of Muslim refugees and they have so far accepted ZERO!

    • Saudi might have the “facilities” but unlike Spain, they have made no false promises to accept refugees. Also Mike, you know perfectly well, Sharia Law has no recognition in Britain. Just more Trump-style mud-slinging.

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