A MAN has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the disappearance of Latvian waitress Agnese Klavina. 

Cops believe the nightclub bouncer at Aqwa Mist may have helped prime suspects Westley Capper and Craig Porter bundle Klavina into their car.

Capper, who is facing jail for running over and killing a Bolivian woman in Marbella last May, is said to have called the nightclub worker 48 times after Klavina disappeared.

Klavina’s family have also voiced their suspicions that the bouncer was involved.

It comes after video surveillance showed him holding the car door closed against Klavina as she tried to exit the vehicle.

Privately educated Capper said she entered the car voluntarily and that he and Porter dropped her off at a roundabout.

Capper is currently living back in Puerto Banus having posted €50,000 bail over the death of Fatima Dorado in last year’s lethal hit and run.

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