Susana Diaz at the International Tourism Berlin fair

SUSANA Diaz has flown to Germany to try woo a new generation of tourists in the wake of Brexit.

The Junta de Andalucia head will spend this weekend at the International Tourism Berlin fair due to ‘incertainties’ over the impact of Britain leaving the EU.

She hopes encouraging more Germans to the region, who spend an average of €66 a day when holidaying here, could help steer off any potential fall in tourist numbers.

The goal is to move forward and keep growing, doing what we already do very well,” said Diaz.

“This market is very challenging and because we also face the uncertainty of Brexit we have to do all we can to prepare ourselves.”

Fifty promotional initiatives will be launched by the Junta in Germany this year, which will focus on the many attractions of the region which reach further than just the sun and the beach.



  1. Excellent.
    Germans, as the whole world knows, are a lot better tourists than the British.
    For a LOT of reasons:
    1. They are not the typical drunkard or hooligan you can find in the UK.
    2. They do not practice balconing, which has produced loss of around 20 million euro in hospital expenses, insurance, lawsuits, etc.
    3. And most important, they are not part of that mafia which works along with fraudulent lawyers making false claims.

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