Watching kitesurfers on a Tarifa beach
TARIFA: A popular Andalucian beach

TOURISM businesses are set to get a multi-million euro boost to help attract more visitors.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to create something new or improve an existing service in Andalucia can now bid for Junta funding.

A total of €4.1 m is available to help enterprises develop their products or services in terms of accessibility or sustainability.  The aim is to make them more diverse or healthier.

A further €1.2m will go to entrepreneurs who have an idea that could make a significant impact on attracting tourists.

The fund is the latest attempt by the junta to encourage more ecotourism in the region to make the sector more sustainable.

“Eco tourism is one of the areas that best represents the future of tourist activity,” said Francisco Javier Fernández, Junta councillor for tourism and sport.

“This is due to the new trends and demand for experiences in destinations that support sustainable development.

“Ecotourists want to make a responsible trip that helps to conserve the environment and improve the wellbeing of local people.”

Interested parties must submit a bid on the Junta website before May 13.


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