18 May, 2017 @ 11:20
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Illegal downloads decreasing in Spain

Illegal downloading
Illegal downloading

ILLEGAL downloading decreased by 4% in Spain last year.

A survey carried out by consultancy firm Gfk revealed the first downturn in pirated consumption in the country in 10 years.

The findings were based on 4,036 online interviews and identified two main reasons for illegal downloading.

Some 47% of participants said it was because they already pay for their internet connection.

Another 47% argued that If the original content was less expensive, they would pay for it.

In 2016, piracy cost business an arm and a leg, accounting for an estimated €1.8 billion loss in profits which, had the material been paid for, would have led to the creation of more than 21,000 jobs.

The music and film industries were particularly badly hit, with downloaded music losing €398 million in potential profit and film more than €4 million.

More than 67% of websites providing illegal content are financed by advertising.


  1. The calculation of 21.000 lost jobs is an example to lie with numbers. Though maby this industry might have lost 1.8 billion, look at it from the consumer side:
    A consumer can only spend every Euro once, right?
    And the essence of a cosumer is, he/she spends all (even savings are spent on a bank).
    Conclusion: The 1.8 billion consumer money was spent on other things. And 21.000 jobs were created in other sectors.
    If there was 1.8 billion lost, I never found those in my pocket! There never was 1.8 billion extra money. And if illegal downloads suddenly would be 100% impossible, 21.000 jobs would be lost on this industry.

    Besides that, I support copyright holders. It is not nice something is stolen that you worked (hard) for. But say that. Do not come with propaganda.

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