SOME 3,400 Balearic drivers tested positive in 2016 for alcohol, the Guardia Civil commander has revealed.

Jose Domingo also said another 700 tested positive for drugs last year on the islands’ roads.

DRINK DRIVING: Police reveal 3.400 caught in 2016
DRINK DRIVING: Police reveal 3.400 caught in 2016

It comes as Mallorca prepares for a record-breaking number of hire cars on the roads this summer, with around 100,000 vehicles expected.

“During 2016, we did more than 130,000 alcohol tests,” said Domingo.

“That is a lot, and we have detected a lot of repeat offending. People that we have stopped up to four times for drink driving.”

He added: “One of the big problems is driving under the effects of drugs. We are massively increasing our random checks.”

There are around one million cars and 150,000 cyclists on the Balearic Islands’ roads.

“Unfortunately, one of the big problems we have seen most is people speaking on mobile or sending messages on WhatsApp,” said Domingo.

“That is one of the most dangerous things. Distraction causes 40% of accidents and we see many drivers using their mobile to check Facebook. Twitter or Instagram.”

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  1. They should test there own CORRUPT officers who are always in bars drinking… makes me laugh how they spend hours in a bar drinking coffees and BRANDIES….the stop folk for drink driving………..HYPOCRITES….!!!!!

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