THE British mother of a cancer-stricken 11-year-old has praised big-hearted expats and locals for jumping in to help her daughter.

Sarah Gorman was amazed by the deluge of blood donated to help her daughter Serena, who was diagnosed last month with Leukaemia.

APPEAL: Serena response from public has been 'amazing'
APPEAL: Serena response from public has been ‘amazing’

She revealed that after we launched a campaign last issue there had been a steep rise in donations of rare O Negative blood.

“The blood bank has gone from five days stock to full stock,” said Sarah. “The reaction has been amazing.”

The result is a huge turnaround since Spain-born Serena – who lives with her family in Valldemossa – was emitted to Son Espases hospital in April.

We revealed, last issue, how the hospital had a desperately low supply of her blood type and few British people were eligible to donate due to a bizarre ruling over Mad Cow disease.

Her father John Chappell, 34, appealed to big-hearted Olive Press readers to come to the rescue.
And that is what they did!

Said Sarah this week: “Thank you all so much, but please keep giving as there is always someone who needs this blood, it isn’t just for my baby but for everyone out there.”

While the stock is now full the family are asking people to let themselves be known to the hospital so that they can be contacted when more blood is needed.

Meanwhile Serena is still in hospital and recovering from her first round of chemotherapy, which has led to the loss of her hair.

“She’s very up and down,” Sarah said, “She gets fed up easily and wants to see her friends, but no visits are allowed yet.”

Serena will face another bout of chemo in the coming weeks.

Anyone who wants to donate please contact Son Espases hospital on  871205000 or go to the Blood Bank / Donation centre at Carrer de Rosselló i Caçador, 20, 07004 Palma (971764433).

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