EXTORTIONATE roaming charges in EU countries have been consigned to history after major networks abolished them completely.

Movistar, Orange and Yoigo customers will not pay any roaming charges due to a change in EU law, following ten years of negotiations.

From June 15, customers will be free to use their phone abroad without fear of racking up huge charges, irrespective of whether on pay-as-you-go or contact.

Vodafone customers will also be able to take advantage of the change, but only if their phones are on contracts.

Iceland, Norway and even Liechtenstein have also been included in the no charge list.

The UK is also included.


  1. As a resident of Spain, does that mean that I will be able to call friends and family in the UK for the same price that it costs me to call friends in Spain, as an example will I be able to use up my free minute’s allowance calling to anywhere in the EU?

    • I have an EE (Orange) contract with a UK number. I pay £25 per month for unlimited calls and texts to anywhere in the EU. I also get 4g internet connection included. Similar deals should now be available on Spanish contracts.

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