A MALLORCA-based academic has launched a major new study into the effects of Brexit on British expats.

Dr Joel Busher’s two-year project will document expats’ experiences throughout the process of Britain leaving the EU.

STUDY: Mallorca-based sociologist to study Brexit effect on expats

“Lots of research is a one-off and you meet people once and take you conclusions from that.” the Coventry University doctor, 37, told the Olive Press.

“I’m trying to follow a process and look at how people respond to the drift of information.”

“Lots of interesting things are coming out about how people now feel about being British and Britain.

“People aren’t really forced to think it except during World Cups and things like that.”

Speaking at his home in Palma, he continued: “I’m most interested in how British communities in Spain have responded collectively to Brexit.”

The author behind 2015 book The Making of Anti-Muslim Protest, which examined the English Defence League’s (EDL) grassroots, added: “How the campaign group Brexpats in Spain have responded is interesting, sharing newspaper stories online in a non-partisan way.”

The book is due to be published in 2019, with Busher aiming to talk to a range of expats from across Spain.

Busher spent a year researching his award-winning EDL book meeting leader Tommy Robinson and many grassroots supporters.

“It was interesting trying to understand why they got involved with something that most people in society don’t like very much,” he said.

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