THE Olive Press has now received more than 50,000 comments on its stories.

It comes after a bumper last two weeks for the website, which received just under 150,000 visitors and almost 200,000 page views.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our readers who continue to engage with our articles.

While the backs and forths can get pretty heated, it has been great to see the expat community engage passionately over the issues of the day.

Publisher Jon Clarke says: “It’s great to have created a platform for so much interaction.

“The readers and commentators ARE what the Olive Press is about – sparking debate, dealing with issues, and airing views and grievances.

“Sure, the debate can sometimes get a bit too lively – and I’ve had the odd run in with Stef and Fred – but freedom of speech is important, even when we ourselves get targeted (well, within reason that is).”

Below is a ranking of the top ten keyboard warriors who have posted the most comments, keep them coming!

  1. Fred
  2. stefanjo
  3. Stuart Crawford
  4. Mike
  5. Chas
  6. Peter
  7. caccia
  8. reap
  9. Carlos
  10. PM



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