TIFFANY Trump has been enjoying a trip to the Costa del Sol.

The daughter of US president Donald Trump shared a picture from the beach in Marbella with her partner Ross Mechanic on Instagram.

The pair were surrounded by escorted by nine bodyguards as they dined at the exclusive Trocadero Beach Club.

One of the people in Tiffany Trump’s entourage telephoned the restaurant and asked for a table for two on the beach.

The pair walked from the Puente Romano Hotel, where they were staying.

Tiffany with boyfriend in Marbella

National Police officers checked the perimeter of the premises in coordination with Trump’s security personnel before they arrived.

The happy couple dined on rice pudding, sheshuan chicken with Chinese noodles and vegetables, and drank a piña colada, a mojito, a jug of sangria and soda.

Employees did not realise who Tiffany was and were surprised by the number of bodyguards around the couple.

It was not until the moment of the payment they realized who the two clients were.

Mechanic paid the bill, just over €100 euros, with his VISA credit card, revealing the couple’s identity.

Tiffany, who flaunts her luxury lifestyle on Instagram, made her bodyguards clear the toilets before she used them.

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  1. Of course, you have to scour up the most horrible photo pose (easily extracted from any video tape in which frames anyone can be made to appear hideous in one split-second posing) of the American president in order to mock him as an evil, racist xenophobe (to use one of your favorite epithets, along with homophobe). Disgusting faux journalism!

  2. No need to exaggerate the horror that is Trump. He does a good enough job himself with his monstrous tweets and crazy ideas. He provides a constant stream of bile and hatred that even his own Republican Party gets in a lather about. The only “faux” thing around Trump is his presidency.

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